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Biomass Vietnam JSC (BVN) is a manufacturer of wood pellets in Vietnam. We are on the journey to achieve total capacity 0.5 million tons of wood pellets per year by 2024.

BVN Thanh Chuong

150,000 tons/year

BVN Quang Binh

100,000 tons/year

BVN Hoa Binh

150,000 tons/year

BVN Nghi Son

150,000 tons/year

BVN wood pellet from working forests can play a key role in reducing the emissions that contribute to global warming. Trees in a working forest naturally absorb carbon as the forest moves through its cycle of growth, harvest and regrowth. When harvested wood is used to generate electricity, the carbon released during combustion is reabsorbed by the next generation of trees. Compressed wood pellets therefore offer a readily available, renewable, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels such as coal — one of the largest contributors to climate change.

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