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Climate change is the global challenge and fighting it requiring coordinated actions by all countries in the world. Bioenergy is a key strategy to reduce carbon emissions and limit dependence on fossil fuels.
Since Vietnam has the advantage in large sustainably planted forest area, it is a potential country to develop strong logging and bioenergy industry. Biomass Vietnam JSC (BVN) is founded to reduce the climate change by producing wood products, and especially wood pellet to replace coal and encouraging planting forest. 
We use planted forest to produce wood-based products (i.e. plywood, wood pellets, etc.) and increase the value of wood harvested to encourage the farmers to plant forest. Traditionally, branches and top left over after harvesting. We maximise the use of the wood by not only using timber log to produce plywood and wood pellets, but also branches and top as well. This is the huge increase in income to farmers and encourage them to plant more forest.
We commit to sustainability by source from legal planted forest. We co-operating long term with forest landowners, forestry agencies and traders. Our co-operation imply sustainable approach: planning, planting, managing and harvesting. We believe our approach creates long-term, sustainable and legal  raw material area to produce bioenergy.

I wish you the best success and together with us fighting the climate change.

Thank you,

Mr. Nguyen Van Anh
The Chairman,
Biomass Vietnam JSC


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